What are e-points and how do I collect and redeem them?

You found the item you want online and we know your e-points have been well earned! You receive 3% of the value of your purchase directly credited to your Esprit Friends account (outlet 1%) for each pound paid. One e-point is equal to one pence. For instance, if you purchase something from us for EUR 100 we’ll credit EUR 3 worth of e-points to your Esprit Friends account. It’s that simple.

We’ll send you your very own Friends card as soon as your register as an Esprit Friend. The whole Esprit World is at your feet once you’ve received your card! Simply hand over your card at the checkout or enter your Esprit Friends number when making a purchase in our online shop. Your login password is initially always your date of birth, without anything in between (e.g. 01012000).

There’s only one thing easier than collecting e-points - spending them! As soon as you’ve collected 600 e-points we’ll automatically send you a paper voucher, which you can then redeem online. You also have the option online of redeeming e-points immediately for an order - starting here from just 250 e-points!
And now you know: being an Esprit Friend is something really special. :)

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