e-points vouchers

We want to reward loyalty: that’s why Esprit Friends get 3% of the purchase value of every purchase credited to their Esprit Friends account in the form of e-points. One e-point is equivalent to one pence.

Once you have 250 e-points or more, you can redeem them in the online shop – with just one click!
Simply click on “Redeem” under “Your payment methods".

And once you collect 600 e-points or more, you can choose to receive a paper e-points voucher sent to you by post. You can then redeem this either in the online shop or in our stores.

If you would like to redeem the paper voucher online, you can do so in four easy steps:
1. Click on the link under “Redeem e-points”
2. Enter the code under the scratch panel
3. Click on “Convert voucher”
4. Your voucher value will be converted back into e-points. Click on “Redeem” again.

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