Can my orders be sent together in one package?

Who hasn’t experienced this before? You’ve just placed an order and then you suddenly remember that you urgently need another item.

So you place another order quickly. So far, so good.

However, when your orders arrive they are in two packages, when they would have fit in one.

We think this is far from optimal, both from the customer’s perspective and in relation to our carbon footprint.

That’s why we combine your orders and send them as one package whenever they are in a stage of processing that allows us to do so.

This saves resources and means that you don’t end up with a stack of unused cardboard boxes.

The decision as to whether multiple orders can be shipped in one package is made by our system shortly before shipping. Therefore, our warehouse employees and customer service employees cannot directly influence this decision.

Of course, you will receive information about whether your orders will arrive at your door in one package in your shipping confirmation.

There are no changes to the usual payment and returns processes.

Small tip: This approach can be used for the orders we send out to you, and to the returns you send back to us. You can send returns from multiple orders back to us in one package. However, please make sure that the relevant return documents have been filled in for each order.

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